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New Technologies

Nice Ninja always seek for new ways to express the vision in a story. We like to experiment with the latest technology to find new ways to unfold the production in a strong and interesting way while keeping the expenses low.

In our latest feature film “Captain Bimse  our vision was to create a magical world that surrounded an amazing adventure.

To create this, we shoot the actors in front of a 360-degree greenscreen. We then created the enviroment in the game engine Unity, to have real time control over the visual story.


Picture this 2019: War stories from the set

Keynote speaker at The Vizart Summit 2019


Animation is the heart of Nice Ninja

Animation is often an essential part of our productions.

It all started with the animated feature film Sunshine Barry and The Disco Worms.

A fun fact is that Thomas Borch Nielsen got the idea to the story after he picked up an earthworm that wrinkled like it was dancing to disco.

Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms was the starting point of many more animated features, short stories and series to come.

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